Financial Peace is one call away

My Story

Fourteen years ago, my husband and I set out with a goal. We wanted to become debt free. At first it seemed lofty and I wasn’t sure we could do it. We both worked normal corporate jobs. We did not have six figure salaries. But, we had a vision for the kind of life we wanted. We wanted to be free from debt and experience true financial peace.

Fast forward to 2016. We made our last house payment. Everything was paid off. The feeling of accomplishment was like nothing I had ever known before.

After 18 years in a stable corporate job, I realized I wanted more for my life. I wanted to help ordinary people achieve the same thing I did. I became a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, and I graduated the Financial Coach Academy. I now had all the tools to help others.

The time came that I left my job to create Fraley Financial Coaching.

It is my passion to change lives. Helping others turn their financial struggles into a plan to achieve what they did not think was possible. It is truly about setting them free. To help, people just like you, see that their dreams for themselves, their families and their careers are actually achievable.

My husband and I started with small steps. One by one paying off student loans, credit cards, auto loans and a mortgage. It all starts with one step. Don’t wait another day. Start your journey today and see that you can do it too.

***Disclaimer: “Completion of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training does not create an employment or agency relationship with Ramsey Solutions or its affiliates; it does not constitute a license or credentials to engage in legal, tax, accounting, investment, or other professional practice; nor does it constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the Coach by Dave Ramsey.”